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favourite adj.特别受喜爱的 n.特别喜爱的人(或物)

英语单词喜爱是favourite 不过是形容词或名词

都是一样的 favourite是英式英语 favorite是美式英语 读音基本相同 比如color 这是美式英语 colour 是英式英语

favourite [ˈfeɪvərɪt] adj. 特别受喜爱的; n. 特别喜爱的人(或物); 例句:Her favourite writer is Hans Christian Andersen. 她最喜爱的作家是安徒生。 [其他] 复数:favourites favourite是英式英语,favorite是美式英...

1.逻辑记忆:通过词的本身的内部逻辑关系,词与词之间的外部逻辑关系记忆单词。1)把几个字母看作做一个来记如:"ight" light, right, fight, night, might, sight,tight 2)外旧内新,如:bridge “桥”看成b+ridge ridge "山脊”sharp看成 s+harp h...

写出你最喜欢的英语单词 第一个单词是write把

preferred beloved desired 根据您的要求去掉了 具体有不同,有的适合人,或东西,或者决定,选择, 你挑吧

My Favorite Animals. Hi!I am a girl(boy).I like animals very much because I think they are people's friends!And my favority animals is pandas,Because they are very lovely and from China.They are black and white.They also have a...

My favourite day is the Spring Festival. At Spring Festival, I can stay with my family and eat a lot of delicious food such as dumplings, fish, beef and pork. I really enjoy the food. I can also watch the TV show about the Chin... favourite museum I've visited lots of museums. All the way from the world's smallest Picasso museum (Buitrago del Lozoya) to the giant Louvre Museum (Paris). And lots more in between. But there is only one museum that can ...

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